Unionville Floral Shoppe

Unionville Floral Shoppe has been supplying beautiful flowers to clients and is a store where customer satisfaction is their top priority.

The store is filled with many flowers pleasing to the eye and they specialize in custom-made flowers. The employees have had years of experience from their craft and are dedicated to providing flowers that will bring joy or happiness to their customers. Their hope is for every customer that sees the final product of their work, result in a smile on their face and, most of all, gratitude.

Visit www.unionvillefloralshoppe.ca and www.unionvillefloralshoppeon.com to see everything we have to offer!

205 Main Street Unionville L3R 2G8, Canada

(905) 474-2727


Unionville BIA
157 Main Street, Unit 101B
Unionville ON L3R 2G8

905 477 0117

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