Naturopathic Living

Naturopathic Living is an Integrated Naturopathic Medical Clinic specializing in women’s health, fertility, paediatrics, mental health, anti-aging and oncology.

We have 4 Naturopathic Doctors, a RMT and a Psychotherapist to provide you with the best care for your health concerns. Naturopathic Living offers comprehensive diagnostics including dark field microscopy, electro-dermal screening, food allergy and genetic testing.

We also offer leading edge therapies such as vitamin and mineral intravenous infusions, oxygen Nano Vi therapy and facial acupuncture rejuvenation. …Helping you live beyond your potential!

139 Main Street Unionville  L3R 2G6

(905) 604-2491

Unionville BIA
157 Main Street, Unit 101B
Unionville ON L3R 2G8

905 477 0117

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