Hard to believe it’s already September and the kids are heading back to school, all of it in a new and different way. Here on Unionville Main Street our stores, restaurants and services continue to operate safely – following all protocols in a welcoming, friendly way.
It’s no secret that COVID-19 has been a tough challenge for all of us. Small businesses on Unionville Main Street are no exception. Our shops and restaurants had a tough go of it, but each and every one of them rose to the occasion and offered a variety of services to their customers including curbside pickup, delivery and online appointments. This is a street of dedicated business owners and they knew that together we would flatten the curve and get to re-opening as soon as possible.
Now that we are in Stage 3, our Unionville Main Street merchants are open and are welcoming guests. Of course there are protocols in place including mandatory masks and number of people in stores and restaurants, but the smiles and “hey great to see you!” greetings are making it a fun, comfortable spot to be once again.
Unionville Main Street is also known for its summer activities and events, and as we are sure you’ve noticed they have been postponed to next year. We are looking forward to bringing those back in 2021, with fresh new ideas and things to do that will remind you just how great Unionville is.
Have a wonderful September everyone, we look forward to your visit!